Ticket: Subfield Text Search

I have added the required filter as follows: Bson castFilter = Filters.in(“cast”, cast); in MovieDao.java
All my test cases in TextAndSubfieldTest passed when testing with JUnit. But the status page gives error (no error on console) as shown in attached screenshot.

You need to implement the sort too to get it working.

Hi @Jinal_91024,

Let me know if you are still facing the issue.


Hi Kanika,

Yes I am still facing the issue. The unit tests pass so I am not sure if I need to implement sort as well? If yes, then why because there is nothing mentioned about implementing sort in the ticket.


Hi @Jinal_91024,

Thanks for notifying about this. We will make sure to update the ticket and unit-tests to make sure that this gets addressed.

Meanwhile, please implement sort as well as mentioned in the comment in MoviesDao.java file.

Thanks again for notifying this issue. :slight_smile: