TICKET projection

Hello everyone,
I’ve ran test for projection and got this answer:

Search for one country :expected 2 and received 1
Search for three countries: expected 1468 and received 1
What I did:

        await movies.find({country: ["Kosovo"]},{projection: {title: 1}})
        await movies.find({country:{$all: ["Russia","Japan","Mexico"]}},{projection: {title: 1}})```
I don't know why the test failed.Thanks for any help.

From the comments in the source file where you are supposed to implement the solutions:

      // TODO Ticket: Projection
      // Find movies matching the "countries" list, but only return the title
      // and _id. Do not put a limit in your own implementation, the limit
      // here is only included to avoid sending 46000 documents down the
      // wire.
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Thanks @steevej-1495 steevej, I just ended the query; it was a little mistake.