Ticket Projection - Test Fails - Status Page Passes

I updated MoviesDOA.js after testing the filter and the projection in compass to ensure i got the right answer for tests. When I run the tests they fail but when I go to status page it passes and my validation code passes.

I believe that is because the three country test in the file projection.test.js looks for 2789 documents, when in fact, there are 2788, as this filter against compass clearly shows:

{“countries”: { $in: [“Russia”, “Japan”, “Mexico”] }}

if you change the test ( Kobayashi Maru :slight_smile: ) to 2788 it passes.

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From reading some other posts, it would seem they someone messed up the database, so the tests no longer function correctly (just to make it a little more challenging!) You can download the original handout, which has been fixed, and swap out the old tests folder. The new one matches the correction I mentioned above.

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New tests are still wrong. “Can perform a genre search with multiple genres” should have a total of 7259. Perhaps they changed the database again as well as some of the tests. Who knows. Passed the status test anyway. Hopefully, they’ll clear this up so the tests are useful instead of a pain in the a**.