Ticket: Projection test failing with the correct code

kindly assist me with what i am doing wrong pls.

I keep getting failed result for the country search of 3

Hi @Nazehs,

Thanks for sharing the screenshots. But its hard for me to see what the error is exactly.
Can you scroll down or maybe try taking a full screenshot for TERMINAL which is showing that 1 test failed?


Hi Kanika,

I have attached the screen as requested.

Thanks & regards

I have the same issue

Hi @Solomon_48390, @Nazehs,

Please use project function to perform the projection task like below:

  movies.find({<query filter>}).project({...});

Let me know if it works.


Thanks it worked… I think it will be better if this can be address in the subsequent classes pls.

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Sure. Thanks for notifying this.

I’m having the same issue, I need help. I need a little more info on how to use the project function. I’m getting error that project is not a function.

Hi @Joan_84795,

Do you need more information than this one?


Thats ok, I figured it out.