Ticket: Principle of Least Privilege problem

First off I don’t know what Add Default Privileges means as there is no such option in the user creation interface.
So I went this route instead: Database User PrivilegesGrant specific privilegesreadWrite@<dbname>.sample_mflix.
The problem is while this role does pass the test at /status page, it can’t load items in the main page and throws Unable to convert cursor to array or problem counting documents, MongoError: user is not allowed to do action [find] on [sample_mflix.movies] error in the console.
Then I switched to Read and write to any database built-in role which loads the items but doesn’t pass the test.

Check this link

Ticket: Principle of Least Privilege

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This doesn’t answer the question, as setting up the specific role throws an error but passes the test.
I did pass it, but the solution leaves a sour taste.