Ticket:Migration Issue


I am getting a null pointer exception in migration ticket , the date conversion query is running fine for lastupdated scenario .

When the imdb.rating portion runs it abruptly shows null pointer exception and errors out when Migrator.java is executed

Can you provide inputs on this

Below is the return implementation of UpdateOnemodel method to return update for rating

return new UpdateOneModel( Filters.eq("_id", doc.getObjectId("_id")),
Updates.set(“imdb.rating”, rating)); --where rating is the integer value

Bulk write option is

BulkWriteOptions bulkWriteOptions = null;
bulkWriteOptions.ordered(false); --line 152


and imdb.string query filter is

ratingStringFilter=Filters.type(“imdb.rating”, “string”);

Error in console

shows a null pointer pointer exception pointing to line number 152 (mentioned above )


You need to create an object, right now you have assigned null and that is why it is throwing null pointer exception.


In addition, are you sure you want to test the type of the field imdb.rating?