Ticket: Migration indent error

I’m going crazy about some indentation error i can’t figure out…
When running the test it seems like the code isn’t doing anything (got assertion error on datetime format from a movie’s lastupdate)
I’m trying to run the code line by line in the shell but when i get to this try i get an indentation error… Please help!!! i’m suffering !! :frowning:

I managed to update one document using a one-element bulk_write using the movies_to_update data… why isn’t it working when i do it with the whole list?..edit: i can update a few documents using the same method, but the results when i try to do it with all says ‘nMatched:0’

I did it using a range(23530) instead of ‘for movie in movies_to_migrate’ from the shell… i’m sure my code in movie_last_migration.py still doesn’t work, but it seems the grader doesn’t care