Ticket: Migration, Having a problem with pymongo

Having a problem with pymongo
bson.errors.InvalidDocument: Cannot encode object: {‘lastupdated’, datetime.datetime(2015, 8, 26, 0, 3, 50)}

How did you people solve this? any ideas?

Welcome to the community @Haki_Dere,

This looks related to the Ticket: Migration exercise and the updates for movie_last_updated_migration.py, can you confirm if my understanding is correct?

If this is correct, have you edited this file and specifically updated this line:

predicate = {"some_field": {"$some_operator": "some_expression"}}

In terms of the update necessary to the code, it will involve the field “lastupdated” and two operators ("$exists" and “$type”).

Can you share the code you have updated for those two lines as both of these need to be updated in the file movie_last_updated_migration.py for that specific exercise?

Hope this helps and please let me know if I’ve mistaken your question and it relates to a different lesson/exercise.

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Hey Eoin,
Thanks for your response, very kind of you!.
Here is the code:

pymongo version: pymongo==3.7.2

predicate = {"lastupdated": {"$type": "string"}}
projection = {"lastupdated": 1}

cursor = mflix.movies.find(predicate, projection)

# this will transform the "lastupdated" field to an ISODate() from a string
movies_to_migrate = []
for doc in cursor:
    doc_id = doc.get('_id')
    lastupdated = doc.get('lastupdated', None)
            "doc_id": ObjectId(doc_id),
            "lastupdated": parser.parse(lastupdated)

print(f"{len(movies_to_migrate)} documents to migrate")


    # build the UpdateOne so it updates the "lastupdated" field to contain
    # the new ISODate() type
    bulk_updates = [UpdateOne(
        {"_id": movie.get("doc_id")},
        {"$set": {"lastupdated", movie.get("lastupdated")}}
    ) for movie in movies_to_migrate]

    # here's where the bulk operation is sent to MongoDB
    bulk_results = mflix.movies.bulk_write(bulk_updates)
    print(f"{bulk_results.modified_count} documents updated")

except InvalidOperation:
    print("no updates necessary")
except Exception as e:
    raise e

Hi @Haki_Dere

You should also add “$exists”: True to your predicate, the rest of your code looks correct.

Kindest regards,

I had the same issue and the error in my opinion is related to the comma separator used instead of colon in the $set expression:
{"$set": {"lastupdated", movie.get("lastupdated")}}
instead of:
{"$set": {"lastupdated": movie.get("lastupdated")}}

Hi @Riccardo_Canta - welcome to forums!

You are correct, the ‘,’ comma character is used as a separator for name/value pairs within a document per the JSON specification (https://www.json.org/json-en.html).

The ‘:’ semicolon character is used to follow each name and precedes each pair in the name value pair, so it should always be “field” then “:” then “pair” or “lastupdated”: movie.get(“lastupdated”) as you highlight above.

Let me know if this helps resolve your issue and good luck with the rest of the course.

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Thanks for the information. It is really helpful content for us. Looking for the same answer.

Hi @Dorothea_Heidenreich- welcome to the forums,

Did this help solve your issue? If not, can you outline what problem(s) you are having now.

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