TICKET: Migration (Chapter 3) [Solved]

I have the code solved for this ticket (as far as i know).

But, In the src > migrations directory
Node movie-last-updated-migration.js command in the terminal gives no response, neither any error.

Can someone point out what am i possibly doing wrong?

On doing the test i am getting FAIL at Connection > migration

  Received: null

On using the same SRV link, i am able to access the db on Mongo Compass

Did you set the connect string at the top of the file? (first thing in the try block)

Yes i did. The same string Iā€™m using with Mongo compass

It might take some time to work, because it has to do a lot of things.
Send the command then wait for some minutes and see if it works

Right, it passed the tests. Thank you @Miguel_69790


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