Ticket: Get Comments, unable to export the pipeline to language

Error while trying to export the join aggregation from compass.

from: ‘comments’,
let: {id: ‘$_id’ },
{ ‘$expr’ : {’$eq’ : [’$movie_id’, ‘$$id’
as: ‘comments’

But is works for other languages other than Java.

hello, I have the same issue here. Anyway, by unchecking the “Use Builders” checkbox you should get some code.

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Sorry this is is a dup of another issue already reported, the solution is to not check the use builders in the export dialog

Hello, II am hving the same problem and I am not sure how to use the code genered by unchecking the “use builder”. Any help may be with a different code sample?

I have figured out:

List joinFilters = Arrays.asList( code from compass …);
Document movie = moviesCollection.aggregate(joinFilters).first();

Ticket: Get Comments - Unable to match the comments count as per the test case. I wrote the query using compass and tried in the movies. Getting the movies result whereas the comment is empty. Can anyone help me out.

I figured it out, ignore my previous post.