Ticket: Faceted Search - Incorrect Answer


Anybody help me please!!

I have code ok
mvn - ok
local host - ok
then: I don’t know what about…

Always its the same code… but when paste…

I did stop/run app…, and restart…but impossible…

Hi @Sonia_07035,

I checked your account for ticket: “Text and Subfield Search” and I can see you have passed that ticket using the same answer.

Please check if you are typing in the wrong ticket.


Yes, I used the same answer because… allways give me the same… and I copied and pasted it…

You need to copy the code in front of the ticket you are working on. :slight_smile:


uhmmmm, so sorry… I’m still asleep …

joooo… and could you change this wrong? i don’t have anymore attempts

I am sorry but we cannot give credit if you have used all three attempts.


ok!!, don’t worry and thank so much!!