Ticket:Error handling [Solved]

implement a way to catch any potential exceptions thrown while validating a movieId.
If anyone has finished this ticket , please share the logic .

Hi @prashant_64368

It is against the policies for these forums to share answers directly regarding the labs or exams.

If you want to catch an exception in NodeJS you can use a try / catch block, you can find more details on this page about using this approach to catch exceptions:

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@brazileoin I am not asking for the answer, i am just asking the approach. this ticket is for m220Java developer

Hi @prashant_64368

Apologies for the NodeJS link, both it and Java use the same semantics of try / catch, you can find details on this page for Java:


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In addition, the TODOs in all the files named in the task description looks like:

// TODO> Ticket - Handling Errors: Implement a try catch block to
// handle a potential write exception when given a wrong commentId.

I really don’t know how someone can help without writing the code.

@steevej-1495 I am sorry if you didn’t understand my query, but I think there is only one ticket in error handling which says validate movieID.

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@brazileoin @steevej-1495 Thanks for the help. Query got resolved.

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