Ticket:Database Connection

Hello, I am using intelliJ to set up communication with the database. However I am getting the below error when I run the ConnectionTest:

I get below message after running the connection test

Getting below exceptions when I try to run Applicatio.java

Does anybody have any idea about how to fix this?
Appreciate any help

Can be a couple of things.

What is your URI? Share your configuration file.

Have you whitelisted your IP?

Hi, Thanks for your reply. URI and IP are not the issue. I used the same URI to connect to atlas with javascript variant of the course and was successful in doing so. Upon further investigation I found I am getting SSLHandshakeException in the terminal. Still trying to debug it :frowning:

Are you using a recent JDK?

I am using JDK 1.8. The video suggested that I need a minimum JDK 1.8. I will try updating. Thanks for the suggestion

i have the same problem did you resolve it ?

Updating the JDK to 15 resolved my issue