Ticket:Database Connection to check status code

It does not work and gives the error result : Connection: The return from the api was incorrect. I have updated the db name to sample_mflix everywhere in the source code but cannot get the correct status code.

Hi @Jinal_91024,

Are the unit tests passing for the same? If yes, please check Terminal for any error logs.

Also, make sure you are not using GITHUB repository and using the Handouts zip file only.


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There are no errors on terminal. Can you please share the unit test location for checking status info? I am not able to find it. I have used GITHUB repo code. I will download the handouts zip and retest.


Works now! Thank you very much

can someone PLEASE have suggestions. I can not get reed of unauthorized access error.

I’m also seeing unauthorized access error and can not move further even though tests passes.

what was the change for status code?

Why is that your GITHUB is not in sync with the handouts? It creates so much inconvenince to troubleshoot and finally find out that there are issues with the source code and data.

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Just use the handout file (updated version) and you will have no problems. The GitHub code generates errors.


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