Ticket: Database Connection - blank white screen

I create an atlas cluster and import the sample data.
Then I update the mflix application’s application.properties file with the spring.mongodb.uri for my atlas cluster.
Then I run the application using
mvn spring-boot:run
The application starts up without no error message and shows the “Welcome to MFlix” message in the log file.
When I open http://localhost:5000 in a browser (I tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari) I only see a blank white screen. Using the developer tools I can see that the index.html file and dependencies got loaded. But no contents get rendered, no list, no links to the status page, etc.
I was able to reproduce the behavior on 3 different MacBooks in 3 different networks (office, home, VPN).
This issue has appeared consistently for the last 2 weeks. When I tried the same thing half a year ago, I got the correct page.
Is there anything else I can try?
In the log files I can see that the application successfully connected to the cluster, that initialization started and completed in 18ms.
Thanks for any help!

Hi @gap,

The course you have registered is starting on 17th September 2018 17:00 UTC. I can see that you have taken the same course before in July as well. But I would recommend, wait for the course to start and re-download the handouts again.

As there might be code changes that is not there in the handouts you are having.


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