Ticket: Create/Update Comments

All my test cases for this ticket passed successfully but on the status UI, it shows the following message:
Create/Update Comments: Unable to retrieve movie comments

I have made sure to sort the comments in descending order by date in the getMovie() method. I have used the sort in the pipeline as the last operator. I also tried to run it on a fresh db but nothing works.

Hi @Mansi_13002,

Thanks for sharing the information. Can you share any output you see in the terminal?
Also, the output when you run unit test case for Create/Update comments.


The output after running the test cases for Create/Update comments:

The output after clicking the status UI:


Even I am getting the same issue. The unit tests are passing but when trying to retrieve the validation code, it is throwing this error.

I am facing the same issue with Delete Comments too.

Any guidance please.

I have the same issue. not a good feeling specially after spending some time making all the test cases pass for update/add comments and now you lose the points for this homework.

If you could share the exact error you have it would be easier for us to pin point what you missed. Since your problem are with ‘Delete Comments’ the error message is probably a bit different. Creating your own thread would also have been better.

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The problem is there is not exact error. all test cases pass with flying colors but when I click on Create/Update Comments to get the validation key I get Create/Update Comments: Unable to update comment.

Do you sort the comments as per the requirements in getMovie?