Ticket: Create / Update Comments

I add the fill-in code for the add_comment method:
a) user.find_one, with projection as email, name.
b) comment_doc = {“name”: find_result[‘name’], “email”: find_result[‘email’], “movie_id”:movie_id, “text”: comment, “date”: date}
When I running the test: “test_add_comment”, I am getting an error: E TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable.
As I understand the test setup, a user with email: "foobar@baz.com" should be created, but it seems that the user api call is not able to add the user, even though application is started ? Please suggest.
test_user = {
“name”: “foobar”,
“email”: "foobar@baz.com",
user = User(test_user)

This issue is Resolved.

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