Ticket create update comment HELP!

I’m complete lost. i try almost everything and i keep having a red status, what is wrong in this code ??? i took me now serious days…

def add_comment(movie_id, user, comment, date):
Inserts a comment into the comments collection, with the following fields:

- "name"
- "email"
- "movie_id"
- "text"
- "date"

Name and email must be retrieved from the "user" object.
# TODO: Create/Update Comments
# Construct the comment document to be inserted into MongoDB.
# comment_doc = { "some_field": "some_value" }
comment_doc = {
    "movie_id": ObjectId(movie_id), 
    "name": user.name,
    "email": user.email,
    "text": comment,
    "date": date

return db.comments.insert_one(comment_doc)

def update_comment(comment_id, user_email, text, date):
Updates the comment in the comment collection. Queries for the comment
based by both comment _id field as well as the email field to doubly ensure
the user has permission to edit this comment.
# TODO: Create/Update Comments
# Use the user_email and comment_id to select the proper comment, then
# update the “text” and “date” of the selected comment.

response = db.comments.update_one(
        {"_id": comment_id, "email": user_email}, 
        {"$set": {"text": text, "date": date}}

return response

You may want it to convert it into ObjectId first.