TICKET: Connection - Unable to create user m220student:m220password cluster account

I’m unable to create user m220student:m220password cluster account.
in trying to follow the instructions, I can’t find the security tab anywhere in the ATLAS dashboard.
I used the aggregation course ATLAS connection and that worked, I can then show DBS and the mflix db is there but the aggregation user does not have the privs to access the mflix db.

I’ve gone thru the lectures and have done some of the work on my local db after doing a mongorestore on the movies dump, but since this course is based on the ATLAS connectivity environment I can’t finish the labs since I’m not able to connect with ATLAS with my account credentials as a cluster ‘mflix’ user which is different from the m220student:password.

thanks for your help…

Security tab is below Clusters heading next to Overview

thanks, I found it… I thought it would be where in the users in the side menu

Thanks Dharma,

Got it resolved…