Ticket: Connection pooling Chapter 4

There is no instruction on this. So I searched the Mongodb documentation for poolSize. I can’t find any documentation regarding this. This is like working in the dark. Not sure how you expect us to find the syntax for setting the poolSize. This is a very poorly structured course. Nobody is going to use this product if the courses are so poor.

Hey @Duncan_66850

So I looked into what connection pooling is and found that it is:

A connection pool is a cache of authenticated database connections maintained by your driver, from which your application can borrow connections when it needs to run database operations. After each operation is complete, the connection is kept alive and returned to the pool. When properly used, connection pools allow you to minimize the frequency of new connections and the number of open connections to your database.
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So I searched the mongo db drivers and looked into connection options for the node.js driver which I am used to. And I see that it talks about poolSize.

Plus this other part of the driver documentation.

I am not sure if the other drivers share this option. But I just thought I would pass along what I found; maybe it could help.

Thanks for introducing me to connection pooling. :slight_smile:

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