Ticket: Connection (Javascript)

WHen I run :

npm test -t db-connection

I get :

Whan can I do?

Thanks a lot !!!


I have replied in the other thread. Please make sure:

  • IP is whitelisted
  • Firewall is not blocking the request


Hello Kanika,

THis is my securtiy tab:

And this is connect window:

And this is .env file

Ticket: Connection

Rename this file to .env after filling in your MFLIX_DB_URI and your SECRET_KEY

Do not surround the URI with quotes


Windows firewall is disabled

Antivirus (Avast) is disabled

The issue is the same… Thanks for your help !!

Is there any way to check if I can reach to atlas cluster from mongo shell ?

This is error message:


And this is when run npm start

Thanks in advance. It lefts only one day and I need this in order to continue. MongoDB career for me it’s very important.

Best regards,


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Run this command from your shell to check if you are able to connect. I am able to connect. I