Ticket: Connection - application has blank screen

Hello I ran through all the tests and passed and when I do the npm start and then go to the site I get a blank screen no matter which browser I use.

any suggestions?

Thank You


Same issue :frowning:

To Mongo Discussion Help Persons,
Is there a log that shows if there is an error? Or am I not setup correctly? I did the load sample data. The database where the data is sample_mflix - is this correct?
It seems to be behaving like it is not getting data to populate the screens but I do not see any messages. I know it is early in the course but the status screen is empty also.

where should I be looking to fix this? Any suggestion would be helpful…



Hi @Louis_99687, @Robert_Engwer_64729,

Please re-download the handouts and try again. Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:


Hi Kanika,

Do I need to drop and reload the database or the sample data?

No no, just the handouts zip file like mflix-js.zip


Ok that fixed it… Back in Business…

What was the issue? I am fairly new to javascript programming so I like to know what happened and how it was fixed. It will help me learn more and quicker.

Thanks for your help.


We were making some changes in the ui, and by mistake the js files were left blank, so we needed to re-built the files. :slight_smile:


Worked for me as well. Thanks.

Thank you for your help.