Ticket: Connection All integration tests failing at Status page

Following all the steps, pytest -m connection worked successfully (2 test got passed and 2 got failed)
later, when I tried to run the tests from http://localhost:5000/status, i am getting this error:

Can you please help me with this?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Deep_Sureshkumar_Bhatt_13082,

To make the integration test pass, you need to get all the unit tests passing and not just 2.

Please look at the error messages and check if there is anything that you can figure out causing the issue.

If not, please share the error screen here when you run the unit test.


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Nothing that I could get from the message itself. it shows that the number of entries should be 45993 but actually when I count from the mongo shell too, it shows number of entries as 23529 so according to this, test will fail. I’m not sure about the second one though

Oh no thanks Kanika. Actually the problem was with the package. I saw your post mentioning the fact that please use zip file later. and that was the problem. the previous one was clearly finding something else there. but anyhow thanks a lot for your reply.

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