Throughput and Indexes

Index add some overhead to the performance of write operations. How does CRUD methods throughput get affected with indexes? Is it based on index data loaded into working set?

C - Create is affected negatively as there is extra work to add to the index

R- Read is affected positively if the search criteria uses an index

U - Update may be affected positively or negatively. Positively in the search criteria to locate the element uses an index and the update does not change the value of a indexed field, negatively if it does.

D - Delete is harder to says. Index trees must be updated which is slower than no index but locating the document to delete is faster if the search criteria uses an index.

thanks steevej-1495. Does throughput means amount of time to execute the function?

Hi @thillakan,

Throughput can be considered as rate of processing the information

You can refer to the following Documentation link to understand more about Indexes:

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I think, On chapter 2 about index overhead,

It should be clarified about whether all updates cause index overhead.

As @steevej-1495 said.

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