Thoughts after completing M121

So I finished M121 and I was curious as to how others felt about and dealt with these problems.

  1. For each stage, it is hard to verify your code will be giving you the desired results.

To mitigate this problem, I used MongoDBCompass and typed my code into the stages so I could see results on the sample database which I used in the beginner course, then I could at least see what was or was not working correctly code wise. After this I’d use the export pipeline code, paste it into Visual Studio Code, add/modify it for the real lesson’s db/collection a bit before trying to use it.

  1. Even when your code is correct, paragraphs and line brakes have to be removed before you can test it and its pretty susceptible accidental errors

Whenever I’d want to run the code, I had to select all, paste it into word, remove all the paragraph /soft break symbols, then copy and paste the one line (no paragraph and/or soft breaks) command result into terminal and get my answers to the labs (assuming my code was working right). If there was an error, the code is hard to go through and correct the error in. The lack of being able to test one’s query / know if you’re typing something correct or not in any easy manner is probably the most frustrating part of the class.

  1. The labs often ask you to do things you weren’t taught and didn’t know are possible based on what you’ve been taught/shown thus far.

I understand the courses are to be a bit challenging and things should not be too easy, but when taking the courses, it sometimes feels like the course creators never actually had a newcomer sit down and try to complete them based on the teaching material they’ve made due to the answers frequently involving some neverbeforementioned capability or solution. For example, sometimes you have a what seems to be a need for regex expressions. So, I’m here looking up the $regex operator syntax and come up with a solution that works eventually, then I end up finding out the they are using regex pattern matching with the $match operator in their solution between forward slash brackets:

$match: { airplane: /747|380/ }

Anyway, I appreciate the course, however it often felt like I was doing something I would not be doing if I only knew something I wasn’t being told by the instructors. I kept feeling like there has got to be an easier way. Are others having the same experience with this course?


I am 71+ years old and did the course because I wanted to familiarize myself with the capabilities of MongoDb. (and Python)
The course was tough, but using both Compass and Shell db server it was possible to achieve this goal.
Elements not covered was easy to find in the documentation.
I thank you for having had this opportunity!