There is no test script in Lab: Analyse Profiler Data

So how can I find the answer? Anybody help?

@ Siri_25343

The script is part of the handout ‘’ and you must follow the complete instructions in the Lab setup to populate the test. If you have for some reason lost or do not see the download link, the URI is here

I mean it. There is no script at all.

The link was provided only .json file.

@ Siri_25343

First of all, my apology – I was replying to the wrong Lab.

The handout link, which is indeed only to the profile.json file, is clearly shown on your screenshot. What is your question here?

Let’s try and clarify what problem you’re having.

  • download the handout
  • follow the instructions, step by step

Post back here exactly what step you get lost at.

Notice that the collection you have here is the profile data that needs to be analyzed – it is not the collection that was being analyzed at the time (m312.employees).


I confuse that in the lab it’s said “During the execution of our script, our DBAs decided to…”

but there is no script at all.

And I try to follow the instruction. There are only step to lanuch mongodb process and mongoimport.

So I don’t know where is the script to run, or It has been done in mongoimport command? but there is no sentences mention about that.

OK, I got the point now.

The lab run profiler in other Machine and got the result for the student to review and analyse.

I misunderstood that I have to run the script and set the profiler to capture the data and analyse it.

From my opinion I think the lab instruction was not clear enough because I found some topic in the forum just like mine.

But nevermind, it’s my false too, not to read it carefully. Thank you.

I didn’t undertand this either and English is my first language so I don’t think this is clear.


If you think the instructions are not clear, I’d suggest using the tab “Report an issue” at the bottom of the screen to send a message on this directly to the curriculum team. I can assure you that they read and take note of all recommendations, Good luck,