There is no dotini (Chapter 0)

I got to the final lecture of Chapter 0, and I was able to figure out how to get up to “running the application.” Unfortunately, the file extracted to a folder named mflix, which does not contain anything named dotini:

I tried exploring the folders named api, build, and src, but they do not appear to contain any files named dotini either, unless it is many layers in. Which of these folders or py files is the one I need?

How did you installed the .zip file?

It is like you are one directory too deep. The dotini_win file is probably directly in your Documents folder. Which is not supposed to be the case if you extract the downloaded zip into the proposed mflix-python folder.

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I don’t know. I selected “open file” and somehow there seems to be an mflix folder in my personal OneDrive:

It’s possible I may have found it now. There are also some separate files, not in a folder, further down: Is dotini_win the one I need?

Yes it is the correct one.

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