"the string has been updated since you last saw it"

In chapter 2 in the video - “Importing and Exporting Data” she says “the string has been updated since you last saw it”

this is not the case for me - when i click onm “connect” my string is stil lthe same as before

furthermore,there is no option for me at this point to connect to the integrated IDE - how does one do this???

it is so confusing tbh, I am completely stuck at this point and unable to proceed

Hi @Blake_Lawrence and welcome to the MongoDB Community forums. :wave:

I think what she might be talking about is that at the end of Chapter 1 in Lab: Connect to your Atlas Cluster you are calling the mongo command line shell and passing it the URI of mongodb+srv://sandbox.xxx.mongodb.net/myFirstDatabase. In this format you pass the --username parameter. In the video, she shows the uri as mongodb+srv://username:password@.... In this format you don’t need to add the --username and --password parameters to the command.

In Chapters 2 - 5, the last section of each chapter is the IDE link. Once you click on that you will see a Launch IDE button in the main pane: