The requirements file in Conda is broken

Loving the course, absolutely amazing. But I cannot install the requirements file using the pip command - it breaks. If I use conda install --yes (etc). That does not work because the packages are not on the main channels…stuck.

Hey @Stephen_Brodigan,

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Glad to hear that you are liking the course! :smile: As for the requirements file, sometimes python packages get deprecated in newer versions of python, which may be one reason it is breaking. For the packages that it is failing, you can try removing the version number in front of those packages in the requirements.txt and let it install to the default latest version.

Let us know if this helps you. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, kindly let us know the python version you are using along with the error messages that you are getting while trying to install the packages.

Feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


there is an unfortunate “versioning” problem with packages with the effect of “time” :slight_smile:

Python evolves faster than the course itself. Many packages used in the course code do not have any compiled or compatible version for recent python versions. And actually, I don’t think the course files are updated ever.

When I took the course, I had to install many different python versions, and I think it was v3.6 that the course files are compatible at most (OS may differ). I suggest you create environments for these older versions and see which one will install requirements fine.

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