🌱 The MongoDB Silverback checks in

Greetings, all! I’m Eric Reid, a Consultant with MongoDB Professional Services. I’ve been at MongoDB since late 2017, and travel Everywhere to help make our customers successful. I especially love to help those new to MongoDB get up to speed, and enjoy presenting on such topics at our yearly MongoDB World.

Silverback? Yep, my term for the ‘seasoned’ of us (I’ve 40+ years in the industry) who’ve come to know and love all that is MongoDB.

Say Hi. Reach out. Ask questions. Share stuff. You’ll be glad you did!


Welcome @Eric_Reid! Glad to have you here. :partying_face:

travel Everywhere

So, what’s the furthest you’ve been for a customer?

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Distance-wise, probably San Diego (I know, “Pffffft!!!”). Airline segments-wise, probably Quebec City. Have had potential gigs overseas (New Zealand, Norway, Oman), but as MongoDB PS grows globally, there are usually CEs much closer.

I don’t go nearly as far as you do @Asya_Kamsky, nor do I fit in the overhead luggage bin (ask Asya to share that pic with you, folks…)

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What, this one???