The lecture titled Asynchronous Programming in Node.js section does not bring up a lecture

When I click on the left nav link, there is no lecture. Just a page with the following text:

Chapter 1: Driver Setup

Asynchronous Programming in Node.js

This lecture of asynchronous methods in Node/Javascript, and how the driver will respond based on your preferred method. You can follow along with the lesson callbacks_promises_async.spec.js in the test/lessons directory.

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I see the same issue. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Ditto for me.

It certainly doesn’t help I have no clue how or what node.js is, so I’ll be in trouble if I miss anything important :slight_smile:

Same issue here.
I wonder if this is copied inadvertently from another class? Doesn’t seem to impact the ability to complete the labs…

Same with me…:persevere:

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry for your experience. Let me check with the team for you!

Meanwhile, you can proceed to the next Lecture, please skip the Quiz for that lecture too.


Hi Everyone,

The issue has been fixed! Thank you all for pointing me out the issue. Really appreciate it.

Happy Learning, Kanika

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