The last assignment--incorrect grading

I submitted the correct answer the first time but the assignment (4.2) did not grade correctly. I then created a partialExpressionIndexFilter and finally a compound index, both allowed me to run aggregation correctly. I am not sure, why the grading is not being done correctly


Well I can assure you that no compound index is a correct answer. Notice that the directions specifically say “...we're looking for an index as small as possible that services this command.” and that the example answer is in the format “{ foobar: 1 }”.

So I think you did not submit the correct answer. Sorry.

I also had a similar experience. I made the mistake of adding quotations on either side of the correct word. Marked the answer as incorrect. Was that marking correct? Thanks.


No, I think that the checking script is supposed to accept an answer either with or without quotes. Let me check further and I’ll get back to you. Thanks.

I think that any valid string that can be parse into a JSON Document that contains 1 field named foobar having the integer value of 1 is probably accepted.

@DHz my first answer was correct. The compound and partial were used, because I got negative feedback. I am good and dont care much either way, just wanted to let you know what this was doing. I have been a TA on these courses many years ago, no big deal