The labs for the tickets via Chapter 2 are broken / not working can more time be added for completion

The labs for the tickets and subsequent tickets were not working correctly for the end of chapter 2 comments. This also, ruined my time for doing anything for chapter 3. Can these issues be fixed or worked around and more time added for chapters 2 and 3?


It would be appreciated if you could curb the acerbic nature of your posts here as they have a constant theme of blaming the course material.

There’s nothing wrong with the content. I was able to simply read the unit tests in the opening week of the course, deduce what had to be changed ( from the very helpful comments in the DAO source files ) and then run the unit tests until ALL simply passed.

I could then simply run the application, visit the status page and verify that all items were indeed passing. In fact, the only item which really needed “clarification” from an actual external question that was not released until this week was the final ticket for setting up user privelage. But as it happens I managed to guess that one as well. So I was basically done with the correct answers on day one of the course.

That was my experience, and worth noting I am not a “beginner” so there are things that are easy for me to see. I don’t expect that to be everyones experience, and certainly a beginner would need to re-watch lessons, look up external sources and read any helpful points in discussions.

The latter part there is certainly encouraged in that instead of telling everyone how difficult you find things,

  • Attempt a ticket
  • Note any errors
  • Research those errors ( Documentation, Google, this Forum )
  • Discuss on the forum here if necessary, and that someone else has not pointed out something useful already ( part of research really )

All of these are best done during the course. And especially where you are a beginner ( or even if you think you are not for that matter ), start working with the material at the start of the week rather than at the end. Or at the very least, bring up “helpful discussions” at the start of the week. By the end of the week you might get what you need, and it might just take that long.

As it stands I see nothing wrong with how the course content is presented, and I most importantly see nothing broken as long as instructions are followed.

If you have difficulty and fall behind, it’s not the end of the world since the answers get released to you anyway. Even after the submission dates you can go back and correct problems, then retry the code and learn from any mistakes you made.

After all, that is what learning is. Even with my own current experience as noted, I’ve certainly fallen flat on my face enough times. You don’t need an extension, you just need to learn from the experience.

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