The Integrated Development environment is not compatible

Hi , Getting IDE Error while using \ launching .
let me know how can i fix it .

Please find the error attached .


Please check other threads where some fixes are given like
using F11 or ctl+shift+C to set resolution of screen

Hi @Rishitham_Talla,

The minimum supported resolution is 768 * 696! Kindly maximize your screen size by opening the inspect element mode in your browser: Control + Shift + C in windows or Command + Shift + C in macOS.

I hope it helps!


Thank for Responding .
quick way to fix is just reduce the zoom size on the browser to 75 % - 80 % it will fix the issue .



Thanks, @Rishitham_Talla, for letting us know. It will help other learners to solve this issue!

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small devices owners are put off. Please make m001 accessible for all.

Hey @Junior_Beda,

All university courses are accessible by everyone around the world including M001. The IDEv2 is also accessible by everyone just you have zoom in little if it shows any error message like it couldn’t be accessible on smaller screen.

Kushagra Kesav,
MongoDB University Team

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