The Index #141 (January 12, 2024): Atlas Search Query Analytics, Semantic Search, & CSFLE

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Featured Post

Query Analytics Part 1: Know Your Queries by Erik Hatcher

Learn all about Atlas Search, Query Analytics, and how to give your users the results that they want.

Other Good Reads

:arrow_right: How to Model Your Documents for Vector Search by Anaiya Raisinghani

:arrow_right: Me and the Devil BlueZ: Reading BLE Sensors from C++ by Jorge Ortiz-Fuentes

:arrow_right: Entangled: A Story of Data Re-modeling and 10x Storage Reduction by Nenad Milosavljevic

:arrow_right: Testing and Packaging a Python Library by Mark Smith

:spiral_calendar: Mark Your Calendars

Every month, all across the globe, we organize, attend, speak at, and sponsor events, meetups, and shindigs to bring the DevRel community together. Here’s what we’ve got cooking:

MUG KL Meetup: January 16th 2024, 2:00am – 5:00am, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
Data Unleashed: Mastering Mobile, Web, and Atlas - A MongoDB Journey: January 19th 2024, 8:30pm – January 20th 2024, 1:30am, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
Developer Day Montreal: Jan 23, 2024 | 5:30 AM - 2:30 PM PST
New York: DevOps for GenAI Hackathon NYC: January 24th 2024, 6:30am – 3:00pm, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
Tel Aviv MUG: January 24th 2024, 7:30am – 9:30am, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
London MUG: January 25th 2024, 10:00am – 1:00pm, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time
MUG Mexico: January 25th 2024, 3:30pm – 5:30pm, (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time

The Hyderabad MUG wrapped up a dynamic meetup at the Microsoft Hyderabad office. Vikas, Staff Software Engineer at Google, presented “Introduction to Multi Armed Bandits,” while Saipriyadarshini, Associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co, presented “Data Capture with MongoDB Change Streams in Java.”

Special thanks to the organizers, Archy, Jayant, and Yashraj.

MUG Austin had its inaugural meetup, where attendees immersed themselves in insightful talks. Karen delved into Generative AI and Vector Search, demonstrating MongoDB Atlas’s integration with AI/ML services. Marianne shared valuable insights on modernizing applications.

The Delhi-NCR MUG hosted a meetup at our offices in Gurugram. The event featured engaging tech sessions with speakers like Pradipta from AWS, who presented “Crafting Conversational Intelligence Using Amazon Bedrock and Atlas Vector Search.” Vijay shared his experiences building NeuPass using MongoDB, while Community Champion Shrey discussed building Cosmocloud using MongoDB and demoed leveraging MongoDB Atlas using CosmoCloud. The meetup concluded with a celebration cake for the 1000 members celebrating the amazing work of our community leaders, Shrey, Sanchit, and Priyanka.

MUG Florianópolis’s dedicated organizers and Community Creators, Jessica and Mateus, orchestrated a successful and enriching meetup. MongoDB Champion Leandro discussed Relational Migrator, and then an open discussion was held with Leandro, Lourenço, Jessica, João, and Mateus.

The Chicago MUG hosted an engaging meetup at Coyote Logistics. Bart from Coyote Logistics showcased the power of the MongoDB Aggregation Framework, while Gowtham and Cassiano guided attendees on AI integration and transitioning relational workloads to MongoDB. Special thanks to organizers Jacob and Cassiano for their pivotal role in curating another event.

The final meetup of the year for the Frankfurt MUG was a festive celebration held at The Cosy Bar. The evening kicked off with an introduction to the MUG and its hosts, followed by an engaging Pub Quiz featuring MongoDB-related questions, hosted by Tim, Nicole, and Prabakaran.

The Pune MUG recently wrapped up its second meetup at TechVerito. Attendees enjoyed presentations on MongoDB Schema Design, GeoSpatial Data, and MongoDB Atlas Vector Search. Special thanks to speakers Sahil, Jitendra, and Arsalan, along with organizers and Community Creators Vishal and Faizan.

:mortar_board: From the Community Advocacy Program

Community Champions @Arkadiusz_Borucki, @eliehannouch, @Leandro_Domingues, @MalakMSAH, and @Rajesh_Singh1, and Community Creator @Marko_Aleksendric co-authored the newly released Mastering MongoDB 7.0 book, which includes hands-on exercises, expert insights, and key features.


Community Creator @Justin_Jenkins wrote blogs about Document Schema Validation and Query Plans.

Community Creator @ricardohsmello created this brief video to demonstrate Relational Migrator’s continuous job integration, showcasing a straightforward Change Data Capture process from PostgreSQL to MongoDB Atlas.

Community Creator @Markus_Wildgruber authored a blog on Repository Patterns with MongoDB and C#.

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