The Honor Code of The Course

Where can I read/see this?
And a class handbook?
Please, no interpretations, I would like to be informed from an official, spelled out version of both.



Unfortunately there’s nothing official, only what you can find in the course description page. There’s no handbook neither.

José Carlos


I expected this, considering that people taking classes are enthusiast for the most part, classes are free, the class certs are not worth diddly squat, and classes are in part run for the MDB promotional purposes.

But now I am confused (this time I am), so maybe you can help me here.

In any course offered here the course description page does not mention anything about the honor code or remotely similar.
See for yourself for this course:

So when you block/remove/hide/influence posts (or parts) here and say that is against “the honor code of the course” what does that actually mean?
And why would you base justification of your actions affecting course and students on something that does not exist?


You are right, I shouldn’t have mentioned anything like the honor code of the course, because it does not actually exist… my fault. When we edit a post (we have never removed or blocked any posts or users so far), we just try to avoid that students post the lab answers.

José Carlos

Every single moderator in every single class here systematically uses an arbitrary and fictitious verbatim of “honor code”.
I can see how as a moderator you can’t see anything wrong with that, as your job is to edit posts per internal rules of the forum owner.
But as a so called TA and (as a consequence of that title) an educator, I do not understand how you or any other colleagues of yours can’t see glaring, class integrity, issues here.