The Evolution of Realm-Web with Sync?

Howdy folks,

Product for Realm here, we are interested in doing some user research on where we could take our Realm-Web SDK. Are you building a web app using MongoDB Realm? Today, the Realm-Web SDK provides a bunch of convenience APIs for accessing data stored on MongoDB Atlas and proxied through the MongoDB Realm platform which provides authentication and authorization as well as static hosting and severless functions which abstract away a bunch of the middleware logic that a web developer would normally need to write and deliver. But the actual fetching of data must still be performed by the developer with a traditional request/response model. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could leverage the same Realm Sync primitives that the mobile Realm SDKs leverage? We are even kicking around ideas of persisting the data in the browser which would enable developers to write fully offline PWAs with Realm Javascript!

If you could help us answer some questions then we can look to add this to the product roadmap. If you could please email me at we can set up a time to quickly chat about your use case.