The error message

When I try to copy form university/m103/ to m103-vagrant-env using this command cp -r m103-vagrant-env ~/university/m103/, the error is cd: cannot stat 'm103-vagrant-env. what is the solution.

I can’t tell you the solution because I don’t know where that file can be found.

But the cause of your problem is that your shell is not running from the directory where the file is stored. So you need to “cd” into the directory where “m103-vagrant-env” is before you can copy it elsewhere :slight_smile:

Hi Estifanos_67073,

Your statement:

You have to run this command:

cp -R ~/university/m103/ m103-vagrant-env/

Make sure you are in the directory for m103-vagrant-env. Or provide the full path.

The error seems incomplete. It could be something like cd: cannot stat ‘—’ No such file or folder exists?

Make sure your both directories are correct and provide full path. Also, the option is -R uppercase R to copy all the content to directory.