The course completion confirmation / certificate

What information is included in the course completion confirmation / certificate ? will it reflect only the name entered in the profile, or other information as well, eg. company, country etc.

when will i get the certificate of this course …

you can download certificate after Nov 1st.

thank you vijaya or information

You can download now!
I just did.
Go to “My Courses”. You can see a button “Download Completion confirmation”.

yup… its available now for download.

how can i get license number of my certificate ?

I think there will be no certificate number added to this course as it is a basic and introductory.
You will have to take up the professional certificate exam for that.

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Totally correct.

This is a “certificate of course completion”, it is NOT a professional certification. For that, you will need to take a much more extensive exam (and pay $150).

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