Thanks for playing with us!

Hello everyone!

Thank you to all our participants in April’s scavenger hunt series! Over 50 members earned their Internet Detective badges. An impressive 20 members earned the Serial Solver badge by completing at least three out of four of our puzzles. Everyone who participated and included their mailing address will receive a MongoDB sticker pack.

For now, because of logistical limitations thanks to COVID-19, we are going to pause the scavenger hunt activity to make sure everyone who participated gets their prizes. Please note: there may be a delay in delivery times and we appreciate your patience.

Keep an eye out for our next fun activity!




Can we get some tracking numbers if stickers are sent or expected date , Also if know that stickers were sent in multiple or single package
And also can you have update on this
“We will soon be announcing additional rewards for completing multiple scavenger hunts with a special reward for those who complete all our weekly scavenger hunts this spring and summer.”

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Hi @Alex_Beckham,

The stickers will come in a single package, but we will not provide each individual a tracking number. I don’t have an expected date for anyone yet. Logistics right now are pretty unpredictable.

Re: the additional ‘big’ reward we wanted to do, that is on pause for now too. We’ll reevaluate later this year to see if we can better accommodate restarting this activity.

Sorry I don’t have better news. This one was tough to put on hold, as we were all having fun with it.




Any Update On the Sticker Packs ?


Hey @Alex_Beckham! All of the sticker packs have now been sent out. (Apologies for the delay – I ended up packing and mailing them myself! COVID19 is really making logistics a pain…) Keep an eye on your mailbox if you submitted your mailing address with your scavenger hunt submission. :mailbox:

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Hello everyone !

I received it today in France :fr:.

Thank you @Jamie @Ryan_Quinn and the others for this event ! :grinning:

I hope it can resume soon (maybe a bigger prize? :thinking:).



yes it was fun. Suggestion for a bigger prize: maybe we can earn “points” next time and at the end MongoDB is planting a tree for each x points which have been archived by all of us ? The leaf is there so why not add the tree??


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Hey guys, just received my stickers yesterday in India. It was such a pleasant surprise given the fact that I was not expecting it at all. I completely forgot about attending the scavenger hunts, until these beautiful stickers arrived.

Thank you @Jamie and the other organizers for this lovely surprise and this awesome event.


Hello, can you make shipments to Cuba?

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