Text_and_subfield_search unit tests pass but validation fails?

Hi @Yoav_Vollansky

That’s unusual - what exactly did you add to the file db.py in terms of the variable ‘query’ for this problem - specifically in the section TODO: Text and Subfield Search?

This will help better understand your code.

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@brazileoin thank you for the help here!
The assignment in the TODO section is query = {"genres": {"$in": filters["genres"]}}.
Besides that there are a few other assignments to query inside build_query_sort_project, but that’s in other cases where filters is not genres.

Hi @Yoav_Vollansky

Have you managed to resolve this issue? I wasn’t sure and just wanted to check back with you.

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Hi @Eoin_Brazil, thank you for getting back to me on this one. I am unfortunately still in the same situation. Is there anything you can advise based on my answer to your question above?

Edit: I just noticed your reply to me in private. Thanks!!

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Hi @Yoav_Vollansky

Did my message help and as mentioned please feel to share the code directly via message rather than in the forum if you are still having the validation fail issue.