Tests Passes But localhost:5000/status fails

Like the title says, Integrations Tests are ok but the status page does not give me the validation number for the ticket.

Paging Test

Localhost Status Keeps validating foverer

If i stop the page from loading

Python Log (python run.py)

I’m having the same problem for both text and subfield search and paging. I did get the code for text and subfield twice. I literally kept the status page open in the background for probably 15-20 mins. Validation is too slow!


i think that there is a bug beacuse i got green in text and subfield search but when i did paging i got stuck in grey. I dunno if my poor Internet connection ha e somerhing todo with

Thanks for the reports.

Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce this on my side. Have you tried downloading the latest handout? It included some changes to fix potential issues like this.

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I have the same issue, Paging stays in the status “Currently Validating” forever (it’s been 20 minutes now), even though I passed the tests without issues.

What would the latest version of the handout be? Chapter 0 and 1 handouts have archives with files last modified on the 7th of September. It doesn’t seem like there is something newer than this.

In my case this happened because I had changed the “window.host” setting in “index.html”. I had set this to the external IP address of the VM I’m running on. Apparently the rest of the code doesn’t play nicely with this.

I have removed my change (set it back to “”) and I’m simply using a port-forward through SSH to connect to the app :slight_smile: