Tests pass but status page test fails

My JEST tests all pass but the status page doesn’t give me the code saying this “Paging: Did not receive the proper response when paging by genre”
What’s the reason for this? I don’t have much time left to finish the tickets so I need help fast!

Please try downloading the course handout again, and replacing the contents of your /build and /tests directory with the versions included in the handout.

If the tests suddenly fail, reimport the data using the --drop option.

Still no luck nathan, the tests pass but the status page says no.
For the pagination ticket, all I added was the following code
if(page !== 0) cursor.skip(moviesPerPage)

Is it something to do with the code I introduced that’s making just the tests pass and not work properly for the status page?


Try this

const displayCursor = cursor.skip(moviesPerPage * page).limit(moviesPerPage)
    // hide_end
    // hide_replace
    // // TODO Ticket: Paging
    // // Use the cursor to only return the movies that belong on the current page
    // const displayCursor = cursor.limit(moviesPerPage)

    try {
      const moviesList = await displayCursor.toArray()
      const totalNumMovies = page === 0 ? await movies.countDocuments(query) : 0

      return { moviesList, totalNumMovies }
    } catch (e) {
        `Unable to convert cursor to array or problem counting documents, ${e}`,
      return { moviesList: [], totalNumMovies: 0 }