Tests (npm and status) and UI functionality do not match [RESOLVED]

So, all npm tests from chapters 0,1,2,3 are OK (status menu tests are also fine) but has anyone tried to use the actual app? When I log in for example and try to post a comment I am getting this error in Firefox console: error: Object { name: "JsonWebTokenError", message: "jwt must be provided" }.
The sign up is also not working (I am getting this in Firefox console log and the users collection is not updated): TypeError: n is undefined[Learn More] [errorsReducer.js:73:8](http://localhost:5000/static/js/reducers/errorsReducer.js)
I also checked the state information in session storage and it says that user is not logged in even though I did logged in.
I am aware that the UI is not the scope of this training but it would’ve been nice if all works so that one can get a better grip and understanding on how all things are connected.

Hi @vterziev,

You talking about all the unit tests that you run from the command line correct?
Do you see this after all labs are implemented and running the status page ?

Is status page test for signup ok?

Even if all of your tests are correctly passing, and the integration tests are cleared, the error that you are seeing is expected, since we will send incorrect request from the status page, integration tests, to test the implementation of the backend for error handling and other.



I found the reason why I was having problems using the user interface of the app. When registering new user your name should be at least 3 chars and password at least 8 characters. I did not get any of those in the UI and after I did track the subsequent requests in network monitor I found that each time the response was “401 - Unauthorized” and “400 - Bad request”, after looking at the response message there was a clear explanation.
Another issue on my side, I was trying to log in with existing user from users collection but the passwords are hashed… :slight_smile:, even when I created one manually the password was not recognized (which is fine).
So, all in all - login works, sign up works, comments work, the only thing which does not seem to work is clear error messages/ instructions when trying to login with bad credentials or register with invalid information. :slight_smile: