Tests not running

When I run tests if get the following error message:

ImportError while loading conftest ‘C:\Users\vince\Documents\Projects\Mongo\M220p\tests\conftest.py’.
py._path.local.LocalPath.ImportMismatchError: (‘tests.conftest’, ‘C:\Users\vince\Documents\Mongo\M220p\tests\conftest.py’, local(‘C:\Users\vince\Documents\Projects\Mongo\M220p\tests\conftest.py’))

The file “conftest.py” is still in the test folder and I have updated the “MFLIX_DB_URI” in “.ini” .
I can run “run.py” without problems but I m still getting this error.
What should I do? Thanks in advance.

I deleted all the compiled python files and it worked!
find . -name *.pyc -delete

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