Terminal will not show text

Hello, I have an issue with the lab for connecting to the Atlas cluster. The terminal will not show any text, instead it will only show striped boxes as opposed to characters. Even if I hit the plus button, the new terminal will not work either. I am on Firefox. Please advise.

Please show screenshots
Are you doing a lab or testing commands in IDE?

These weird boxes appear. I’m trying to do the first lab to connect to the cluster

Did you try reset workspace
or logout and login
or try another browser
May be chrome

Hi @Chandra_Reddy,

Thanks for reaching out.

It would be great if you can share the following information :

  1. Operating System
  2. Web browser including point version
  3. Any special browser settings (anything changed beyond default)
  4. Has the IDE ever worked for you ?
  5. Output from the developer console of your browser while you are accessing the IDE. It would be great if you can share a screenshot of it.

Here is how you can open the developer console.

Click on the vertical ellipsis sign in the top right corner of your browser and then select More Tools > Developer Tools .