Techsylvania - Write your Android App with Sync from Scratch

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Nowadays, most, if not all, startups require some user facing mobile applications. However, the development of those mobile apps requires more effort than the equivalent traditional web front-end.

In this workshop, we will create an Android app that connects to a MongoDB cluster using Realm. We will discuss tools and techniques that greatly simplify their development. Those techniques can even be used for the creation of the Minimum Viable Product and are flexible enough to align your app faster with the changes in your business requirements.

In this session, we will go one step further by explaining the concepts and sharing some code snippets. Diego and Jorge will do some live coding while exploring the basics of writing an Android app using Kotlin, Compose and the Realm SDK.

If you are into iOS instead of Android, you are welcomed too. We will share a repo with the equivalent iOS code and accept questions about that platform also.

Workshop hosts:

Diego Freniche Brito, Mobile Developer Advocate at MongoDB

Jorge Ortiz Fuentes, Mobile Developer Advocate at MongoDB