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When attempting to run the application in the iOS simulator, I receive a number of errors including issues with target iOS with Flipper; I’ve attempted to update the target OS from 8.0 to 14.4 however this leads to further problems. Has anyone been able to resolve this that can provide a link to an updated Podfile, Podfile.lock, or rn.workspace file to get it working?


Steps to resolve:

  1. Make sure you have XCode installed on your computer (Download from the App Store) and start with a fresh copy of the repository and run npm install
  2. Open rn.workspace file with XCode (located within the iOS directory)
  3. In the rn file, go to Build Settings and search for team and look for Development Team – This will be blank initially. Change it to your name (or whatever is available).
  4. Within the Pods sub-directory, go the following listings and change the Target OS from 8.0 to 14.4
  • YogaKit
  • Flipper-DoubleConversion
  • Flipper-Glog
  • Flipper-PeerTalk
  • GCDWebServer
  • Flipper
  1. Leaving XCode open, you can now run npx react-native run-ios

You’ll receive an AuthProvider issue when the application runs but I’m guessing that’s expected until the front-end is set up properly

NOTE: You may want to update CocoaPods on your system as well with sudo gem install cocoapods


I should add that a lot of these issues stemmed from using Node Version manager (NVM) to install Node. Once I commented out all references in my .bashrc/.zshrc file I was able to get past this as apparently prefixing is not supported. Give this a shot yourself. Your mileage may vary. You may need to completely remove NVM as well as make sure Node wasn’t installed with homebrew either.

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Thanks for circling back to let everyone know the solution!

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