System Status: Alerts Temporarily Disabled

hi in my MongoDB cluster M0 all collection shows me
System Status Alerts Temporarily Disabled .
and Request invalid. Please visit your Clusters and try again.
Why it is ?
who can i remove it.


i have the same problem

What? Everyone got the same problem? I thought did something wrong with my request and I couldn’t fix it so I deleted my cluster :sob:

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Same problem. I too deleted my cluster.

Have you find the solution??

not yet. I can’t find the solution.

My friend and I are experiencing the same problem." i think maintenance guys

I was going to delete my cluster, but apparently everyone has the same problem lol.

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Almost everyone has this error, do we have a way to fix this error? :slight_smile:

i have the same problem … I thought i have problem in my account … I had made a new account but problem continues

As per the chatbox in the topic’s screenshot:

Adding ‘me too’ posts are not helpful.

Monitor the posted link or use subscribe function on the page to stay up to date on the issue.

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