Syntax help, please

Would you mind pointing out my syntax error?

var pipeline = db.movies.aggregate([{
{ “imdb.rating”: { “$gte”: 7 } },
{ genres: { $not: { “Crime”, “Horror” } } },
{ rated: { $or: { “PG”, “G” } } },
{ languages: { “English”, “Japanese” } }

This is the error I’m getting:
SyntaxError: invalid property id @(shell):1:80

Hey @adudley

So it is against forum guideline to post answer code or anything close to answer code. Please remove your code.

However, this is what the syntax should be

var pipeline = [
    $match: {
      field1: expression,
      field2: expression,
      field3: expression,

And hint you will have to adjust some of your expressions, before you get the right answer. But please remove your code.

More details at

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Hi, Sean. Tried to delete and got this message:

Hey @adudley

Thank you for trying. I have not seen that message yet. Perhaps it is because I flagged the post. Anyway no worries now.

Thank you so much and still feel free to ask for help whenever you need it. I know getting the help can be difficult sometimes without the code posted but everyone here understands and will gladly help you!